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They say getting back to doing normal things can help. I've been avoiding TrueScale Products, my hobby and a few other things I enjoyed for so many years.

I hope to find the joy I had in making bodies for this hobby again!

I have begun to consider taking a break from accepting body orders.

Most of you know that long delays in order processing is normal for TrueScale. Something I’m not happy about.

I have little time anymore to produce bodies and fill orders and I need to devote my time elsewhere.

I am still completing and shipping orders I have.

Happy Holidays!
TSP will be closed until January 2014. During that time I will complete orders still due to ship.


New year, new bodies and more. Keep an eye on TSP® this year. Hopefully I can get back to the roots of TrueScale Products with scale bodies. After some much needed time off, things look good for this year here at TSP®. Thank you for your Great support last year!
New for 2013:
1/32 scale. Trans AM bodies most as built and raced in the MESAC club long ago.
Thingie. More from Thingies™ brand BZ Batmoblie, BZ Black Beauty, and a few others.
1/24 scale. TrueScale Can Am and Lemans type bodies, more russkit and Lancer replica bodies.
Retro. price cut for 2013.

Trademark case. A settlement is just about complete.

We're still on top in the Trademark issue
Trial is set to begin later this year. After a very weak and insulting offer to sell the TrueScale mark, and after very unprofessional, harassing and childish comments like,
"You already lost your first chance to settle with me. I hope you will treasure the 2nd chance."  Also a "frivolous cease and desist" letter in an attempt to prevent me from speaking about this issue or repeating anything (the truth) or anything that is told to me by the sunrich owner. I have decided to ignore their intimidation attempt and preposterous offer... for the second time!

V8 Supercars in 1/24 vacuum form on track for March release. Cancelled

1966-1969 Lemans 24 hours
If you are a 60's Le mans enthusiast, TrueScale will be producing scale bodies from that era in both 1/32 and 1/24, this year.

More scale bodies soon.
If you have been waiting for more TrueScale scale bodies, I will attempt to complete some long time projects on "scale" bodies in both scales.

We're still on top in the Trademark issue
Trial on the "TrueScale" trademark issue set to begin later this year. Initial disclosures are in. They show TrueScale Products having prior use in commerce.

Gearing up for a Trademark Legal matter.
Since 1986 I have used the name TrueScale and claimed it as a Trademark. The time has come to defend the Mark from unauthorized use. Keep an eye here for more news on this issue.

TSP store offline until May 28, 2010
I cannot accept orders for a few weeks for vacation. I will be checking emails should you have any questions.

Going back to our roots.

For some reason, I am getting the feeling that TrueScale is no longer what it once was or used to be but has become this mass body producer/money making Monster. Looking at this early 1980's photo reminds me of what I enjoyed creating for my slot car hobby. I won't say that I will quit the "Retro" body production I just hope to sell some molds and back away somewhat from Retro so I can get back to what I really enjoy.


Vacformer updates.
1. Electromagnet clamping.
Changes made to the Vacuum forming machine to help speed up production of bodies keeping quality in mind. Also because I just like to tinker in the TSP machine shop (my garage).

Plastic sheets were held on the machine with a 1" metal square tube clamping system. Hinged on one side and wing-nut bolts for clamping on the other side. This meant that every time I feed plastic to the machine I had to manipulate the bolts into place and hand tighten them to secure the plastic sheet.

I have added a small electromagnet to hold the clamping system shut while the machine is in service. This not only works great but saves time and my fingers no longer get raw from repeated tightening of the wing-screws.

2. Mold (tool) securing system.
Use to be molds were held in place by contact cement, double side sticky tape, or screws. This took time and I had felt it could be done a much easier quicker way. I made a simple, one screw, mechanical locking system that locks the molds in place. Now all I have to do is place a mold on the machine platen (plate) and turn a counter sunk bolt that in turn grabs the mold in place.

Time saving on this modification is amazing.

John Cukras and Mike Steube have actually been racing slot cars again for sometime. I am proud to say that they (along with most others) are using TrueScale Products True Scale Racing bodies. John and Mike, better known for their racing in the 1960's can be found racing at Buena Park Raceway They both are some of the top racers of the modern Retro/D3 racing that has taken the world by storm.

Mr. Western States (Dennis Cagle) has been planning on and may soon be making items available here at TSP. I have long considered Dennis a close friend and partner.  He may be the reason TrueScale Products began body production.

Back in the early 1980's when I was struggling to vacuum form my first slot car bodies Dennis stood watching my failure and suggested how to solve what to me was an unsolvable problem. His solution was the break through I was looking for.

I am enjoying the success of the True Scale Racing "TSR" Retro body line. Orders have come from throughout the world thanks to the conception of D3 by D. Sampson, P.Sterrett and M. Steube.

Just can't seem to keep up with orders. Which is causing many to contact me about the long wait for their orders.

New body 10-1-08, 1/24 TI-22. This is the short version a MAC replica originally designed and made solely by Mr. Lloyd Asbury of Lancer. Story goes  that they took the Kirby TI-22 and shorten it up.

New body 09-10-08, 1/24 Ford MKIV. Never was too interested in this one but I have had many request for it so here it is.

New body 09-10-08, 1/24 Mclaren M6A. Very narrow at 3 inches. I could make a wider version.

New body 09-10-08, 1/24 Porsche 917-PA. This is a small wheelbase body. Just as with the real car it is small all around. It should be well suited for the smaller tighter tracks. It is one of my favorites.

New body 09-10-08, 1/24 TI-22. This is the long version of the TI-22's a Kirby replica.


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Plastic sheets for making your own bodies or other uses.